Are you a stay at home mom, jobless dad or anyone looking for some extra bucks? Are you a small business owner struggling to compete among the experienced ones? Are you a college student searching for a part time job? Then wait……………there is a solution for all of you! It is…FREELANCER.COM!
In today’s growing world of internet marketplace, there are literally millions of ways you can earn money, but really few of them are reliable and long term solution.
 Since the last decade, freelancing has become common and reliable for making money throughout the world. The idea of doing a job for a company in Boston, by some ‘Sam’ from china sound quite amazing and unbelievable since the person is no way attached to the company!
There has been many sites dedicated to freelancing in the last few years, but none could gain reputation as the largest community driven freelance site on the internet with millions of users all across the globe.
There are many ways in which you can make money on The major ones are:
 As a freelancer - through doing work individually or as a team on thousands of projects every day or by entering hundreds of contests
 As an affiliate - through the business affiliation program.
 As a business - through outsourcing, website development, content creation and anything possible on the internet! 


Over millions of freelancers work every day on There are jobs on all possible categories - meaning both employers and freelancers have all areas to apply their expertise. No matter what you can do or whatever you are expert at, you can always find relevant and interesting jobs.
The best way to start is first to do few simple jobs first, gain experience and respect from the employer, then push your slider up and go for the big ones! Once you have completed five big projects, you will get more jobs regularly. The average cost of a project is around $200,and big projects can cross $1000,so even after one month, you can earn up to  2 to 5 thousand dollars per month.
The best option to attract employers is a completed profile and a portfolio, where employers can see your previous works on similar projects. Some employers will allow beginners without portfolio to do small jobs. Do not hesitate to do these as you can use proofs of these jobs to build a portfolio.  
Having a portfolio of work will help you and fully completing your Freelancer profile will allow employers to judge you, and in most cases consider you above other workers. 
The process of getting a project is simple, workers bid on projects they like. The employer will chose workers based on many things, if he wants the job done with less money ,he will hire fresh ,inexperienced ones ,if he wants quality ,he will opt for more experienced ones.  
You can opt not to do a job if you think you will not be able to finish them in time .there are fixed price jobs ,as well as hourly rate jobs where you will be paid for the number of hours you spend on the job.


Freelance Jobs

A number of employers will seek to create groups of employees, writers for example, in order to better spread work. 
The main advantage of working in group is that you do not have to constantly bid on projects and can focus on one task and enjoy the benefits of a constant flow of income.
But the other great thing about Freelancer is their competitions. As well as periodically offering cash prizes to those who are able to help expose the Freelancer website and logo (generally offering very high cash prizes), there are constant competitions that are ongoing. allows businesses to host Design and other contests. Businesses provide a brief for a contest, and freelancers allow over the world submit their entries. If you are looking for some design work to be done, what place is better than hosting a design contest for over 869,085 designers! Judge every design entry, request edits and only award the best one or your money back! Quality work guaranteed! 
Alternatively as a freelancer you simply submit your ideas and concepts and you could be awarded the entire contest money which is substantially more than what a project would be worth. The best thing is that you do not have to bid, if your design is good enough, you may win! If you are good at designing in general and have a creative flair for logos then this can be a great way to make even more money - simply because there are new competitions everyday.
Freelance Jobs

MAKEING MONEY USING THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM: also has an affiliate program, another way to make some money on the side. If you have a fairly well-known business, website or you might just know lots of people, you can become and affiliate, bringing mutual benefits to both you and by referring people to Also you are letting other people to utilize their talent. All you need to do is visit the Affiliate program page, and get your unique affiliate URL to share on your website or with your friends. It means that you will get a boost in your income, as you can earn up to 90% of your submitted projects from affiliate program! In this way, the community is growing from strength to strength with constantly increasing number of freelancers as well as employers. 


An extraordinary feature of is a unique platform that allows freelancers to sell custom made items, such themes, logos, all sorts of designs, services etc. It allows some extra cash. Marketplace


The ingenuity of specializes in offering amazing rates for all businesses. You can literally outsource anything you can think of at a fraction of what you would pay locally. With the average cost for a typical project being $200, outsourcing has become an extremely cost effective way to run businesses.
In brief, at, you are getting all you need to drive your business at almost nothing compared to what cost would take you if you did that locally.
At you can outsource literally anything you can think of. There are over 400 categories ranging from PHP development to iPhone application development to graphic design to article writing and even mechanical engineering!
If you want to start a business by making a website, you can get everything you need for your site from You can get your site designed, put content, add applications, get SEO and anything you think is suitable for your site. Relax and let the freelancer to do the rest.
With millions of freelancers active on the site you can effectively guarantee that you will find the right person for your job. With a unique system for rating and reviewing each freelancer you get complete choice over who you hire. Multiple freelancers will bid on each project you post, all willing to give their all. You can even hire workers in groups.
Being able to hire freelancers in this way is an amazing for any business or employer - whether you are a part of a large scale business looking to hire a team, or just one person wanting a small project done, is always there to maximize your business and making money.
So….let’s get started! 

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